Tuesday December 15, 2020

Mechanistic Science Deep Dives

Workshop A - 9 AM

Epigenetic Mechanisms Governing Liver Fibrogenesis Delineating & Utilizing the Complexities of Fibrosis Pathology


Jelena Mann, Professor of Epigenetics, Newcastle University


Mark Feitelson, Chief Scientific Officer, SFA Therapeutics

Workshop B - 1 PM

Inflammation & Inflammasome Modulation to Treat NASH & Liver Fibrosis


Ariel Feldstein (Keynote Speaker) Professor & Chief, Pediatric Gastroenterology UC San Diego, Founder Jecure Therapeutics

Davide Povoro Senior Research Scientist Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Mayo Clinic 

New to NASH


Workshop C - 9 AM

9.00 Assessing the Translational Relevance & Robustness of Preclinical Modalities to More Confidently Progress NASH Candidates into the Clinic


Bryan Fuchs, Therapeutic Area Head, GI & Liver Disease Ferring Pharmaceuticals


Chandra Saravanan, Senior Veterinary Pathologist Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR)

Workshop D - 1 PM

Getting to Grips with the Non-Invasive Evaluation of NAFLD & NASH: A Crash Course for Imaging to Quantify Fibrosis in NASH


Peter Caravan, Co-Director,Institute for Innovation in Imaging, Massachusetts General Hospital

Hannah Drescher, Postdoctoral Researcher, Massachusetts General Hospital

Further than NASH


Workshop E - 9 AM

Understanding Hepatocellular Carcinoma as an Extension of NASH Cirrhosis


Bin Gao (Keynote Speaker), Chief, Laboratory of Liver Diseases, NIAAA, NIH

Paul Monga (Keynote Speaker) Director Pittsburgh Liver Research Center, University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine

Yury Popov, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Clinical Workshops


Workshop G - 9 AM

Drug Safety in NASH: Drugging an Impaired Liver


Ajit Dash, Safety Science Associate Medical Director, Genentech

Melissa Palmer, Independent Consultant (Formerly) Head of Liver Disease Development, Takeda

Workshop H - 1 PM

Pediatric NAFLD/NASH Drug Development: Regulatory Guidelines, Challenges & Opportunities


Johannes Taminiau (Keynote Speaker) Pediatric Committee (PDCO) European Medicines Agency (EMA), Pediatric Gastroenterologist University Hospital Antwerp/Paola Children’s Hospital (Belgium)

Manu Chakravarty, Chief Medical Officer & Senior Vice President, Axcella Health

Naim Alkhouri, Director of the Metabolic Center, The Texas Liver Institute 

4.30 Welcome Evening

Putting NASH into Perspective
Focusing on Patients, Caregivers & Advocates
Our patient focused welcome evening is open to all NASH Summit attendees to set the context
for the rest of the conference and provide an informal networking opportunity.

4.30 Patient Chair Opening Remarks

4.40 SUNN Study – Screening for Undiagnosed NAFLD & NASH

Wayne Eskridge UPDATED , fatty liver foundation

Wayne Eskridge
Chief Executive Officer
Fatty Liver Foundation

5.10 Patient & Caregivers Fireside Chat 

Tony & Betsy Villiotti

Anthony & Betsy Villiotti
President & Co-Founders

Wayne Eskridge UPDATED , fatty liver foundation

Wayne Eskridge
Chief Executive Officer
Fatty Liver Foundation

Donna Cryer, Global Liver Institute

Donna Cryer
President & Chief Executive Officer
Global Liver Insitute 

5.30 Minimizing the Placebo Response in NASH Trials  

Naim Alkhouri, Texas Liver Institute

Naim Alkhouri
Director of the Metabolic Center
The Texas Liver Institut

6.00 Drinks Reception & Screening of “The Silent Epidemic” a Documentary by NASH KNOWledge 

7.00 Evening concludes