Pre-Conference Workshop Discussion Day | Monday November 29, 2021

9:30am | Registration & Networking

Morning Workshops A, B or C

Workshop A - 10.00 AM

Investigating the Impact of NASH Drugs on Cardiovascular Risk & Complications

There is a growing body of evidence which suggests that patients with NASH/NAFLD are at a much greater risk of developing hypertension, coronary heart disease, cardiomyopathy, and other cardiovascular complications. This has important implications for NASH drug developers and it’s critical to ascertain just what impact NASH drugs have on cardiovascular complications associated with the disease. Join your peers at this exhaustive workshop to be updated with the latest advances in the field and specifically learn about critical cardiovascular manifestations in NAFLD/NASH patients.

Highlights include:

  • Deep diving into the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms associated with NASH/NAFLD and cardiovascular disease
  • Hearing evidence from animal models and clinical data which suggests an increased risk in cardiovascular morbidity in NASH/NAFLD patients
  • Learning how drug developers could utilize larger clinical trials to fully understand the impacts of NASH/NAFLD therapeutics on cardiovascular complications


Gerardo Rodriguez, Senior Medical Director, Inventiva Phama

Pejman Soroosh, Director of Scientific Obesity & Metabolic Disorders, Janssen Pharmaceuticals 

Pietro Scalfaro, Chief Medical Officer, Enyo Pharma

Workshop B - 10.00 AM

Hearing How Antisense Oligonucleotides Can be Utilized to Treat Novel NASH Targets

Precision medicine may be the next frontier for NASH drug developers and RNA therapeutics such as ASO’s show great promise in early research aiming to treat patients suffering from the disease. Whilst renewed genetic and molecular understanding may give rise to novel therapeutic approaches, antisense oligonucleotides remain by far one of the most encouraging emerging therapies out there for the modulation of NASH. Attend this expert lead discussion to be kept up to date on how the power of oligonucleotide therapeutics could be used in conjunction with pioneering genetic research to treat NASH once and for all.

Highlights include:

  • Hearing how to strategize discovery of druggable genetic targets susceptible to RNA therapeutics in NASH drug development
  • Learning how a single nucleotide substitution of the PNPLA3 gene leads to a malfunction in fat breakdown in liver cells
  • Discovering how ASOs could be utilized to restore fat breakdown in liver cells


Cynthia Arbeeny, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Mitotherapeutix

Workshop C - 10.00 AM

Uncovering Multimorbidity Management for NASH Patients: Investigating How to Coordinate & Integrate Care Across Disciplines to Optimize Patient Recruitment & Retention for Your Next Trial

Multimorbidity management entails a patient-centric approach to managing people suffering with multiple chronic conditions. Adopting this approach to managing patients not only provides a strategy to optimize efficiency of treatment across disciplines but also gives rise to potentially increasing patient recruitment for NASH clinical trials. This workshop will guide you through just how multimorbidity management could allow you to implement a more effective clinical trial, maximize valuable output and achieve therapeutic benefit with your novel NASH drugs.

Highlights include:

  • Designing and executing a fool proof plan which seamlessly links care from multiple medical disciplines to streamline patient selection
  • Investigating weight loss and its potential to treat NASH to understand why it’s the preferred method of treatment
  • Social determinants of health in NASH: What do biopharma need to know?


Maurizio Bonacini, Mission Gastroenterology & Hepatology  

Yanet Adere, NASH Medical Science Liaison, Novo Nordisk

12pm | Lunch & Networking

Afternoon Workshops D or E

Workshop D - 1:00pm

Broadening Horizons: Investigating Alcoholic Liver Disease in the Context of NASH

Alcoholic liver disease comprises a broad range of debilitating diseases from steatosis to alcoholic hepatitis and more. With more people consuming excessive alcohol during their lifetimes now than ever before, the resulting fibrosis, inflammation, hepatocellular damage and more is a major concern for healthcare systems across the globe. It’s critical to develop effective treatment for the rapidly growing volume of people suffering with alcoholic liver disease – join this workshop to find out how to systematically create a plan to do so. 

Highlights include:

  • Devising & developing a strategic plan to target & treat alcoholic liver disease – what factors must you consider from a lifestyle, dietary & therapeutic perspective?
  • Examining the key drivers of morbidity & mortality in the alcoholic liver disease patient population to strategize new target discovery
  • Comparing & contrasting alcoholic & non-alcoholic steatohepatitis to better understand differences in their histological features


Winston Dunn, Transplant Hepatologist, University of Kansas Medical Center

Ashwani Singal, Associate Professor of Medicine, University of South Dakota

Workshop E - 1.00 PM

2021 Update on NASH Cirrhosis – What Do You Need to Know From a Drug Development Perspective?

The challenges surrounding the effective treatment of NASH cirrhosis comprise a myriad of complex issues including understanding the intricate molecular details of the diseases’ development pathways, strategically altering patient lifestyle to avoid cirrhosis development and much more. Although industry and academia alike have tried for years to develop effective methods by which to target and treat NASH cirrhosis, the road to the development of clinically effective NASH cirrhosis therapeutics is lined with multiple challenges which requires the right blend of expertise and insight to overcome. Join this world-class, expert led seminar to find out the tips and tricks you need to accelerate your NASH cirrhosis drug development. 

Highlights include:

  • Deep diving into the molecular mechanisms of liver cirrhosis in order to identify new therapeutic targets & support drug development for NASH
  • How to conduct a clinical program in NASH cirrhosis
  • Outlining how to inspire patients to enrol in clinical trials


Pol Boudes, Chief Medical Officer, Galectin Therapeutics

Michael Cooreman, Chief Medical Officer, Inventiva Pharma

3pm | End of Pre-Conference Discussions Day