Official Full Event Guide

For the 4th year, the NASH Summit will bring cutting edge insights and thought-leading discussion to advance the front line of NASH candidate success. As the world’s largest gathering of NASH drug developers, this groundbreaking industry specific discussion and networking forum is the unrivaled conference of NASH biopharma calendar.


Built from research with 50+ stakeholders including Intercept, Novartis and Gilead, the 4th NASH Summit comprehensively analyzes the complete NASH drug development spectrum. You will also take part in expert-led discussions to dissect recent breakthroughs and setbacks from target identification to late stage clinical trials.

By shedding clarity on the hottest topics for 2020, including how biopharma is preparing for conversations with payers, this insight led forum is the synthesis of all the information you need to accelerate the success of your NASH drugs.


Key Benefits of Attending:


Networking: Network one-to-one with 350 other key decision makers across multiple perspectives prioritizing NASH. Meet and collaborate with discovery, translational and safety scientists, as well as clinical program and market access leads and scientists developing innovative preclinical and non-invasive technologies.

Actionable Insights: Hear first-hand how the latest scientific understanding is being applied to pipeline progress enabling you to benchmark your decisions against others in the field and gain innovative foresight to address challenges before you reach them.

Sharing your data: Present your own work to your peers and thought leaders to gain critical and candid feedback that could be pivotal to opening up partnerships and changing the trajectory of your program.

Harmonize your thoughts with the field: With over 170 organizations gathering to present, discuss and share their expectations for NASH you will align your own thinking with that of the rest of the field and identify the niche that gives you maximum return on investment.