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Siemens Healthineers enables healthcare providers worldwide to increase value by empowering them on their journey towards expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, improving patient experience and digitalizing healthcare. A leader in medical technology, Siemens Healthineers is constantly innovating its portfolio of products and services in its core areas of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging and in laboratory diagnostics and molecular medicine. Siemens Healthineers is also developing its digital health and enterprise services.

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Cerba Research provides the highest quality specialized laboratory and diagnostic solutions while leveraging patient data and scientific insight to shape and advance clinical trials. With our global footprint and access to leading regional labs, data, patients, technology, and partnered resources, we support global biotech, pharma, and IVD organizations to improve the lives of patients around the world.

From the translation of preclinical to clinical, through commercialization, our expert scientists collaborate with you to optimize your therapeutic development and obtain critical insights earlier. We help accelerate your therapies through the development of highly specialized custom assays, deep biomarker expertise, and a passion for scientific innovation across complex therapeutic areas. Our global network of leading, specialty laboratories ensures you have access to quality data and can reach your patients. Together, we’ll improve patients’ lives around the globe.

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Continuum Clinical is a global clinical trial enrollment company. With over twenty-five years of experience, Continuum Clinical specializes in providing sponsors and CROs with patient recruitment and retention planning, study and site support, patient recruitment campaigns, patient advocacy and diversity & inclusion services, retention solutions, and reporting and analytics.

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HepQuant-SHUNT, -STAT, and -FLOW are sensitive, reproducible, accurate, and minimally-invasive tests of global liver function and physiology. They target not only the liver but also the portal circulation and generate a Disease Severity Index (DSI), which ranges from 0 (healthy) to 50 (severe liver disease). DSI may be used for measuring severity of liver disease, tracking disease progression, and monitoring treatment effects. HepQuant’s services include study design, training, consultation, Test Kits, and Laboratory Analyses.

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Kunming Biomed International (KBI) is a world leading CRO providing preclinical research services that specialized in nonhuman primates (NHPs).  Led by an experienced international team, KBI has collaborated with over 18 large pharmas using translational NHP models for pharmacological efficacy and safety evaluations, including NASH/fibrosis, diabetes and diabetic complications (nephropathy, retinopathy), and cardiovascular diseases (dyslipidemia, heart failure), etc.  KBI has state-of-the-art AAALAC accredited animal research facilities, and extensive colonies (>6000) of healthy and diseased models.

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The Jackson Laboratory is a global leader in mammalian genetics and has been a driving force in supporting scientific breakthroughs for over 90 years.  JAX empowers metabolic disease researchers worldwide with the widest array of established and emerging preclinical NASH models, and services such as target validation and drug efficacy studies.

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Genuity Science is a data sourcing, analytics, and insights organization headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, with offices in Dublin, Ireland, and Reykjavik, Iceland. Genuity Science partners with global biopharma companies to offer deep end-to-end discovery services aimed at catalyzing precision health and improving the quality of life for patients around the world. Services include population-scale, disease-specific data sourcing, high-quality sequencing, robust statistical analysis, and software tools for analyzing large datasets and artificial intelligence (AI). The company operates advanced CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified genomics laboratories in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA, and in Dublin, Ireland, and is deeply committed to data stewardship and data governance across its global offices. For more information, see

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Cato SMS is a full-service clinical and regulatory contract research organization, with subject matter experts and clinical trial proficiency in complex areas including NASH, IBD, (immuno-) oncology, advanced therapeutics, and orphan diseases.

We offer a flexible and tailor-made approach to the specific needs of every project as a full-service solution or by providing stand-alone services.

We bring a powerful blend of capabilities focused on supporting small and mid-sized biotech, top-tier pharmaceutical companies, and investigator groups.

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CrownBio’s metabolic disease portfolio is a unique continuum of translational platforms that enable our clients to take strategic go/no-go decisions as they progress their therapeutic candidates through various stages of drug development. Our clients engage with these translational platforms, which include rodent and non-human primates, (NHP) to model human liver disease pathologies and use them to predict human efficacy and safety of therapeutic candidates.

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InfiCure Bio has developed a new and unique preclinical mouse model, the NIF mouse, which spontaneously develops fibrosis in multiple organs e.g. the liver and kidneys.  We offer expert led, tailored, high-quality drug validation services for R&D companies and CRO’s. Our unique whole organism model offers extraordinary research advantages; is 100 percent reproducible, has a pathological progress similar to humans and displays a fibrosis preceded by chronic inflammation. InfiCure Bio is ready to break the status quo in anti-fibrotic drug development.


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Physiogenex is a preclinical CRO providing original and benchmarked animal models of obesity/type 2 diabetes and related co-morbidities: NASH, dyslipidemia, inflammation, diabetic nephropathy and cardiovascular complications.

For >15 years, we have been evaluating the efficacy of our clients' drugs using gold-standard and radio-tracer based experiments in our validated preclinical models. Our customers benefit from our experience in drug development and expertise in metabolic diseases, as demonstrated by our numerous co-publications with our industrial partners.

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Visit Diapharma to discuss Keratin 18 (CK18/K18) assays as prescreening tools and secondary endpoints in NASH clinical trials. Learn about our panels of mechanistic biomarkers that provide insight into the biological processes occurring during liver injury. Explore M30/M65 ELISAs for measuring hepatocyte apoptosis/necrosis non‐invasively. Diapharma offers an extensive line of exploratory biomarkers for liver injury, including sCD163, L-FABP, α‐GST, and Collagen IV. Research use only.

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Aragen Bioscience is a world leader in accelerating preclinical respiratory disease and fibrosis research. With more than 500 fibrosis focused studies under our belt, our strengths lie in translational in vivo modelling of a variety of fibrotic diseases including pulmonary fibrosis. We have combined our strength in IPF with our strength in infectious diseases to help understand potential links between IPF and infectious respiratory diseases. We have perfected the measurement of parameters such as flexiVent™; whole-body plethysmography; and hypoxia-related parameters in our animal models and have supported these measurements with a broad suite of biomarkers of respiratory pathophysiology, disease progression, and treatment. We are based in the San Francisco Bay area.

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Accelerated Enrollment Solutions (AES) is the new standard in clinical trial productivity. Our innovative and integrated site and patient services secure the success of clinical trials by providing enrollment, timing, and budget certainty. AES offers sponsors and contract research organizations best-in-class site conduct and patient access solutions, which include engaging, recruiting and retaining patients in clinical studies via a global network of dedicated research sites.


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GD3 (Genesis Drug Discovery & Development) provides contract services to advance NASH research.  All areas of preclinical drug discovery and development are supported including:

  • DMPK/in-vivo Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Synthetic, Medicinal and Process Chemistry (including IND and IP support)
  • Discovery Biology, Hit to Lead and Lead Optimization
  • Assay and Biomarker development

GD3’s capabilities and expertise also expand to cover a wide range of therapeutic areas including metabolic diseases, oncology, inflammation, autoimmunity and ophthalmology.

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ObjectiveGI, Inc., is an integrated research and technology services platform company that establishes “Center of Research Excellence” partnerships with gastroenterology physician practices, providing research infrastructure, optimal trial selection, study implementation and key research personnel management. Its proprietary processes and technology eliminate the healthcare workflow disruptions commonly associated with clinical trials, thus enabling the delivery of a valuable ancillary vertical that transforms care and improves health outcomes. ObjectiveGI’s initial focus is NonAlcoholic SteatoHepatitis (NASH), a silent chronic disease that affects millions of Americans.

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ZS is a professional services firm that works side by side with companies to help develop and deliver products that drive customer value and company results. We leverage our deep industry expertise, leading-edge analytics, technology and strategy to create solutions that work in the real world. With more than 35 years of experience and 6,000-plus ZSers in 24 offices worldwide, we are passionately committed to helping companies and their customers thrive.


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