About NASH

Grounding the scientific data into actionable insights for drug sponsors, the 5th NASH Summit is the outstanding forum and unrivalled platform for biotech and pharma to regroup, reassess and realign their NASH pipeline strategy.

Uniting 100+ NASH experts from the EMA, Novartis, Gilead, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Takeda, AstraZeneca, Merck, Janssen, Ionis, Novo Nordisk, the FDA and more, including stakeholders at the helm of NASH drug development and on the periphery, this industry focused forum is bringing together content perfectly aligned with wherever you sit on prioritising NASH, so you can continue to keep on top of this huge unmet medical need and massive opportunity for drug sponsors to scratch the pad of available, approved, NASH therapeutics.

Unmissable highlights include:

  • Comprehensively analyzing the latest research on the human genetics of NASH with Pfizer, Ochre Bio and The University of Gothenburg to understand how to successfully exploit human genetics to identify and validate novel targets for NASH
  • Exploring the nuances of the regulatory landscape with The FDA and EMA to learn what steps you must take to strategically tailor your drug development for swift approvals
  • Learning how to scrutinize preclinical NASH models with Gilead, Hemoshear Therapeutics and Novo Nordisk in order to inform robust model design, more confident demonstrate proof of concept and reduce setbacks with clinical outcomes
  • Uncovering the latest from the first and second wave of NASH candidates  with Inventiva, Eli Lilly, Madrigal, Pfizer and Galmed Pharmaceuticals to scrutinize how approvals might fall and strategies to achieve success with existing standards of care
  • Critically analyzing lessons learned from the past 12 months of NASH drug development failures with Madrigal, North Sea Therapeutics and The University of South Dakota to understand how to avoid common mistakes & achieve clinical success in 2022 & beyond
  • Reviewing the range of none-invasive biomarker technologies available for more effective NASH drug development with The FDA, Gilead and Glympse Bio in order to utlize biomarkers which are accurate, reliable & focus on patient centricity in your clinical research  

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