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April 22-25, 2019 | Boston, MA

57 Expert Speakers ♦ 4 Days  3 Streams ♦ 4 Workshops  Seminar Day ♦ 15+ Hours of Networking

Seminar Day

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Seminar Day: Monday April 22

Non-Invasive Biomarkers Deep Dive

Commercial Leaders Day

Non-Invasive Biomarkers: What Do We Have? Drug to Clinic: How Do We Get There?
09.30 Review & Analysis of the Current Non-Invasive 09.30 Considerations for Commercialization
09.45 NIMBLE Project: Finding Non-Invasive Biomarkers for NASH (FNIH Biomarkers Consortium)
09.45 Future NASH Commercial Landscape
10.15 LITMUS – Valorizing the European NAFLD Registry
10.15 Designing Clinical Trials in Pediatric NASH: From
Patient Selection to Endpoints & Beyond
10.45 Extended Q&A for NIMBLE & LITMUS 10.45 Morning Break & Networking
11.00 Morning Break & Networking Drug to Clinic: How Do We Get There? (Continued)
Technology Showcase:Quantifying Fibrosis Through Non-Invasive
11.30 Potential Impact & Value of NASH Therapies
11.45 Multiparametric Imaging: Translating Preclinical
Observations into Human Trial
12.00 Panel Discussion: Pricing & Reimbursement

12.45 Lunch & Networking

Innovations to Enhance the Utility of Biomarkers for
Fatty & Fibrotic Liver Disease

Insights into Investment & Market Development
01.45 Exploring the Translatability of NASH Biomarkers 01.45 Panel Discussion: Investor Confidence

02.15 Machine Learning for NASH Biomarkers
02.45 Developing an In Vitro Diagnostic Test (IVD) in
Parallel to Advancing a Drug Candidate
03.15 Chair’s Summary
02.30 Chair’s Summary

Patient’s Insight Evening & Networking


Perspectives of a NASH Patient