10-12 April 2018
Boston, MA, USA

Accelerate the Development of Your NASH Drug Pipeline

A rapidly growing patient population and no market approved therapies means by 2020 Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) will be a huge unmet medical need.

Investment is pouring into NASH drug development spurred on by changes in the regulatory environment and the need for multiple drugs to be approved to treat this complex disease.

Yet with an inconclusive, painful and expensive diagnosis method, lack of validated druggable targets and preclinical models which recapitulate human NASH disease – bringing a NASH drug to market is not without its challenges.

Built with industry experts at Eli Lilly, Pfizer and Intercept Pharmaceuticals NASH Summit will solve the most pressing challenges drug developers face from discovery to late stage clinical development.

Attend this summit to learn the latest insight to identify and validate novel targets, better recapitulate human NASH disease in vivo and confidently diagnose patients.

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“Strong program, great speakers and a genuine focus on identifying solutions” Novartis - Previous Hanson Wade Life Sciences event attendee

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